[pcp-discuss:] Two new papers on context

From: Bruce Edmonds (b.edmonds@MMU.AC.UK)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 13:18:11 GMT

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    I would welcome comments on these (as always).


    Learning Appropriate Contexts

    CPM Report No.: 00-78
    By: Bruce Edmonds
    Date: 12th February 2001


    Genetic Programming is extended so that the solutions being
    evolved do so in the context of local domains within the total
    problem domain. This produces a situation where different
    “species” of solution develop to exploit different “niches” of
    the problem – indicating exploitable solutions. It is argued
    that for context to be fully learnable a further step of
    abstraction is necessary. Such contexts abstracted from
    clusters of solution/model domains make sense of the problem
    of how to identify when it is the content of a model is wrong
    and when it is the context. Some principles of learning to
    identify useful contexts are proposed.
    Keywords: learning, conditions of application, context,
    evolutionary computing, error

    Accessible at:


    What if all truth is context-dependent?

    CPM Report No.: 00-77
    By: Bruce Edmonds
    Date: 12th February 2001


    This paper argues that truth is by nature context-dependent –
    that no truth can be applied regardless of context. I call this
    “strong contextualism”. Some objections to this are considered
    and rejected, principally: that there are universal truths given
    to us by physics, logic and mathematics; and that claiming “no
    truths are universal” is self-defeating. Two “models” of truth
    are suggested to indicate that strong contextualism is coherent.
    It is suggested that some of the utility of the “universal
    framework” can be recovered via a more limited “third person
    Keywords: philosophy, universality, context, truth,

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