[pcp-discuss:] Recent review publications on cybernetics?

From: Francis Heylighen (fheyligh@vub.ac.be)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 09:54:47 GMT

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    I have been invited to write an article on "Cybernetics and
    Second-Order Cybernetics" for the Encyclopedia of Physical Science
    and Technology. The only problem is that the guidelines for authors
    require me to add a bibliography with 5 to 15 valuable
    secondary works (i.e. reviews or overviews of cybernetics, rather
    than novel contributions on specific topics), that are *not more than
    five years old*.

    This is something very much lacking in the domain of cybernetics. We
    all know the classics by people like Wiener, Ashby and von Foerster,
    but these are all decades old. The only work I could think of that
    unambiguously fulfills this requirement is Charles Francois'
    "Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics" (1997, Saur, Munich).

    Can anybody suggest any other works (books, papers, ...) that would
    satisfy the requirement? (I suppose the 5 year limit can be relaxed a
    little, to, say, 8 or 9 years). If so, please let me know the exact
    reference, and preferably some indication of its content.


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