[pcp-discuss:] Researcher/PhD student/sci.programmer available

From: Menno RUBINGH (rubingh@delftnet.nl)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 15:16:21 GMT

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     Dear Pcp-discussants,

     With this I take the liberty to communicate that I'm looking for a
     position as a researcher, PhD student or scientific programmer, for a
     period of about 2-4 years (or maybe longer). I'd be available at short

     I'm searching for an interesting lab/group with a suitable open
     position, in which I'd be able to usefully help do research on topics
     related to creating ''autonomous AI'' via designs that make use of the
     mechanism of evolution. More information on the type of research I'd
     most optimally like to contribute to can be found at

     Please, anyone on this list, if you know of a lab/group that could use
     me and has an open position, then please inform me of it (via private
     email to 'rubingh@delftnet.nl'). Also please don't hesitate to pass on
     this email to people who might be looking for someone to fill a vacancy
     where I might be useful. Thanks !!

     Best regards, Menno Rubingh

    Menno Rubingh (M.Sc.),
       Scientific programmer, Software designer, & Software documentation writer
    Doelenstraat 62, 2611 NV Delft, Netherlands
    phone +31 15 2146915 (answering machine backup)
    email rubingh@delftnet.nl
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