[pcp-discuss:] sscience == everything?

From: steve (sas@lanl.gov)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 18:59:15 GMT

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    "Norman K. McPhail" wrote:

    > Are you saying that we ought to consider the meaning of the word science
    > to be synonymous with every area of human contemplation?
    > NKM



    would you say that there are areas of human contemplation
    which are *a priori* off-limits to science?

    Describe something which cannot be studied, that knowledge
    cannot be developed about, that a discipline of study cannot
    be found.

    I suppose one might argue that by including Mathematics in
    Science I am cheating.

    I believe there is a sweet paradox down inside of this one
    which cannot be discarded, swept under a rug, or named

    On the other hand centuries, even millenia of philosophers
    have probably tried. I expect we'll be getting reports from
    their modern-day counterparts forthwith <grin>.

    - Steve

    Steve Smith
    TSA-5 LANL

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