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Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 18:51:10 GMT

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    Are you saying that we ought to consider the meaning of the word science
    to be synonymous with every area of human contemplation?


    steve wrote:

    > I don't see how the two can be separated.
    > Science is "natural philosophy" which apprehends
    > the entire natural world. As science (linguistics,
    > cognitive science, etc) make inroads into a
    > science of language and understanding and
    > consciousness, the line is blurred again, some
    > more, forever.
    > Godel's incompleteness theorem would seem
    > to typify the interlockedness of the two.
    > Meanwhile, we all have our own personal
    > relationship to science and the mystery
    > that comes with it. For only a very few
    > does science seem to evaporate the mystery,
    > for most, I contend, it merely adds beauty
    > and complexity to the simple mysteries
    > such as existence, duality of form and
    > function, form and substance.
    > I do not see how, until we become machines
    > or Vulcans, that one can exclude the other.
    > And even then, we suspect both machines
    > and Vulcans of being capable of apprehending
    > beauty, art, philosophy and the rest of us
    > of accepting beauty, art and philosophy as
    > not excluding science.
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