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New CfPM Report: An Evidence-Driven Model of Voting and Party Competition

18 October 2021

by Ruth Meyer, Marco Fölsch, Martin Dolezal and Reinhard Heinisch. Paper accepted for and presented at the 16th annual Social Simulation Conference (SSC 2021)

New CfPM report: The Large-Scale, Systematic and Iterated Comparison of Agent-Based Policy Models

31 August 2021

by Mike Bithell, Edmund Chattoe-Brown and Bruce Edmonds. A paper accepted for Social Simulation 2021

New CfPM report: Open, Contingent, Adaptive and Reactive Resilience – using ABM and other tools to facilitate our collective survival in an uncertain world

31 August 2021

by Bruce Edmonds and Vahid Yazdanpanah. A paper accepted for Social Simulation 2021