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Towards a Descriptive Model of Agent Strategy Search - Bruce Edmonds

7. Discussion

Clearly the model exhibited represents only a step towards an accurate description of the target behaviour observed by Sonnemans. The guidance from cognitive science as to the nature of the learning processes involved is, at present, only suggestive. This results in there being considerable uncertainty about the nature of the learning process, uncertainty that the current observational data does not completely resolve. What the model does do is to point up what information we are lacking about the target behaviour that would enable us to improve the model. In this case one thing that is missing is any direct information about how the subjects are developing their models as they learn. This could be approached in several ways, including:

If these were done the process of descriptive modelling could go through another, more accurate iteration. This might highlight more facets that would require experimental or observational investigation. Alternatively it might reveal that some of the inevitable assumptions we had made about the learning process were unwarranted. But in either case we would have learnt something about the actual learning processes involved.

Towards a Descriptive Model of Agent Strategy Search - Bruce Edmonds - 06 SEP 99
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