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2 The reductionist/holist debate

2.4 Irrelevances to the debate

Associated with the debate on the absolute question, but not central to it, are a host of old-chestnuts that have not been shown to be relevant, but are often assumed to be crucial. There is not space to deal with them all or thoroughly enough to convince a believer of their inadequacy, but I list some of the more frequent of them below. Despite their weakness to determine the absolute question, they each have strong practical consequences.

2.4.1 - Determinism
2.4.2 - Analogue vs. digital
2.4.3 - Ability to modify hardware
2.4.4 - Noise and randomness
2.4.5 - Particular formal languages (2-valued logic)
2.4.6 - Self-reference
2.4.7 - Simultaneity

Pragmatic Holism - Bruce Edmonds - 22 FEB 96
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