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    >Name: Rex Bennett
    >URL of home page (if any): none
    >Postal address: 7816 N. Church Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614
    >Phone: 813-884-6384
    >Affiliations: none
    >How did you hear about PCP? By searching web for support for
    >philosophical arguments.
    >Please take at least one page to describe your work and how it might
    >relate to PCP:
    >I have read the works of Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead for
    >many years. I have been
    >interested in both Russell's keen philosophical concepts and also
    >interested in process philosophy
    >but could find no way to combine it. I am also an avid follower of the
    >sciences and have been
    >applying new developments in scientific knowledge to my understanding of
    >philosophy. I have been
    >trying to build my own system of philosophy. What I find posted on your
    >web page is almost a
    >complete image of my own development. I was stunned when I came across
    >your material. I could
    >not find anything there to disagree with. That is a complete exception
    >to the normal rule. It is as
    >though I had written the material myself. This is a truly unique
    >I have been interested in computers and computer science for sometime
    >but have been studying on
    >my own. I am interested in cybernetics although I do not have the
    >background. I have read some
    >in the field of cybernetics and have been interested in developments in
    >"intelligence" and also the
    >implications regarding our understanding of "knowledge." Epistemology
    >is an area of important
    >concern to me.
    >Self-Organizing systems is a most important area of interest. I have
    >been studying chaos
    >theory and complexity theory. The evolution of the Universe, and
    >everything that makes it up,
    >is a fascinating subject that crosses from quantum physics to biology to
    >cybernetic systems. The
    >study of the human brain and consciousness falls into this area also.
    >It seems that the very large
    >and the very small have much in common.
    >What impresses me the most is the cohesiveness of the philosophical
    >framework that your organization
    >has laid out. I had not believed that people from such diverse
    >backgrounds could produce an organized
    >system of knowledge as this, but seeing is believing, I suppose. The
    >use of the Internet as the medium
    >for this development is timely and makes possible a process that could
    >hardly be done without it since
    >it functions on an immediate time scale. It also opens up the
    >opportunity to reach many people that could
    >not be reached any other way, especially in that they are not just
    >passive readers, but can be contributors
    >as well. This makes your process dynamic, which is, is suppose, just
    >what you intended it to be.
    >I truly look forward to participation in your process and look forward
    >to communications from those
    >associated with this process. Thanks for making this available to
    >Rex Bennett

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