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From: Menno RUBINGH (rubingh@delftnet.nl)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 01:10:03 GMT

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     Hi Rex, & others !

     Cliff Joslyn forwarded what Rex Bennet wrote on 12 Feb :
    > > I am also an avid follower of the sciences and have been applying new
    > > developments in scientific knowledge to my understanding of
    > > philosophy. I have been trying to build my own system of philosophy.
    > > What I find posted on your web page is almost a complete image of my
    > > own development. I was stunned when I came across your material. I
    > > could not find anything there to disagree with. That is a complete
    > > exception to the normal rule. It is as though I had written the
    > > material myself. This is a truly unique situation.

    > > I have been interested in computers and computer science for sometime
    > > but have been studying on my own. I am interested in cybernetics
    > > although I do not have the background. I have read some in the field
    > > of cybernetics and have been interested in developments in
    > > "intelligence" and also the implications regarding our understanding
    > > of "knowledge." Epistemology is an area of important concern to me.

     Damn those who believe in diplomas, and Hurray for self-made people ! :-)

    > > Self-Organizing systems is a most important area of interest. I have
    > > been studying chaos theory and complexity theory. The evolution of
    > > the Universe, and everything that makes it up, is a fascinating
    > > subject that crosses from quantum physics to biology to cybernetic
    > > systems. The study of the human brain and consciousness falls into
    > > this area also.

     I have a feeling that I resonate significantly with this, as well as
     with your 1st paragraph relating philosophy to science. Do you mean
     with the last paragraph quoted above that the human brain and
     consciousness are basically made up out of evolutionary processes
     (mechanisms) ? (The latter is my own point-of-view or belief or model
     at this moment, which I'm all the time eager to exchange thoughts on
     with similar-minded people, hence my present mail.)

     Best regards,     Menno Rubingh 

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