Re: [pcp-discuss:] Choosing up sides... but not.

From: John J Kineman (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 22:12:08 GMT

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    We have gotten some feedback that there is international interest in
    this as an EXAMPLE. As long as we focus on what it is an example of,
    with regard to cybernetics issues, I think we should be OK?? How do
    other's feel about it?

    steve wrote:
    > In support of the "political" discussions here:
    > 1) I'm pretty handy with my own <delete> key.
    > 2) I don't hear nearly this level of sophisticated
    > discussion on any other channel on this topic.
    > 3) The lines are often blurred, with personal
    > opinion providing examples which are then
    > analyzed quite rationally and according to
    > the spirit of the list.
    > In support of Francis:
    > I understand your personal discomfort and
    > discomfort for the rest of the world in listening
    > to the US bicker, even if on this list it is
    > incredibly civilized bickering <grin>.
    > To Norm & others:
    > I'd vote for taking Francis' mail as a gentle
    > reminder or suggestion, not a demand or censorship.
    > I agree that anything like a heavy hand in this
    > would fail. Let's not let this escalate?
    > - Steve
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