[pcp-discuss:] Fwd: New Book: Systemic Intervention

From: Francis Heylighen (fheyligh@vub.ac.be)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 14:30:13 BST

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    >Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 19:58:34 +0900
    >Subject: New Book
    >From: Gerald Midgley <gr.midgley@virgin.net>
    >To: Ray Heisey <rheisey@kentvm.kent.edu>,
    > Enrique Herrscher <eherrsch@ideamail.com.ar>,
    > Simon Heyes <simon.heyes@talk21.com>,
    > Francis Heylighen <fheyligh@vub.ac.be>,
    > Nigel Hinks <social-work@the-childrens-society.org.uk>,
    > Nigel Hinks <nh@childsoc.org.uk>
    >I am writing to let you know that I have a book coming out in late October
    >or early November called "Systemic Intervention: Philosophy, Methodology and
    >Practice". A flyer for this, which includes a summary of the contents and
    >some pre-publication reviews, is attached. If you would like to obtain a
    >copy, you can order it post-free direct from the publishers. Details are in
    >the flyer.
    >If you have no interest in this, I apologise for troubling you.
    >Best wishes,
    >Gerald Midgley
    >Dr. Gerald Midgley
    >Centre for Systems Studies
    >Business School
    >University of Hull
    >Hull, HU6 7RX, UK
    >Tel: +(0)1482 466632
    >Fax: +(0)1482 466644
    >G.R.Midgley@hubs.hull.ac.uk (work)
    >GR.Midgley@virgin.net (home)


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