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From: Francis Heylighen (fheyligh@vub.ac.be)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 14:28:30 BST

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    >From: Nagib Callaos <scio98@cantv.net>
    >Subject: SCI'2001
    >Dear Dr. Francis Heylighem:
    >On behalf of the SCI'2001 Organizing Committee I would like to invite you
    >to participate
    >in The Fifth Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics,
    >which will be
    >held in Orlando, Florida, USA, from July 22 - 25, 2001. Therefore , I am
    >sending you
    >the respective Call for Papers.
    >I would like you to consider the possibility of organizing an invited
    >session related to a topic of your research interest. You can find
    >information about the suggested steps for invited session organization in
    >the Call for papers and in the conference web page
    >(http://www.iiis.org/sci/) .
    >If you are interested in organizing an invited session, please, fill the
    >respective form provided in the conference web page, and we will send you a
    >password, so you can include and modify papers in your invited session
    >Could you please deliver the Call for Papers I am sending you?
    >If you need a detailed Call for Papers don't hesitate in asking us for it.
    >If the deadlines are tight and you need more time, let me know about a
    >timing for you and I will inform you if it is feasible for us or not
    >Best Regards,
    >Professor Nagib Callaos
    >General Chair SCI 2001
    >July, 22-25, 2001
    >Orlando, Florida(USA)
    >Sheraton World
    >Honorary Presidents: Bela Banathy, Stafford Beer and George Klir
    >Program Committee Chair: William Lesso
    >General Chair: Nagib Callaos
    >Organizing Committee Chair: Belkis Sanchez
    >* Information Systems Development
    >* Information Systems Management
    >* Management Information Systems
    >* Virtual Engineering
    >* Mobile/Wireless Computing
    >* Communication Systems and Networks
    >* Emergent Computation
    >* Image,Acoustic,Speech and Signal Processing
    >* Computing Techniques
    >* Human Information Systems
    >* Education and Information Systems
    >* Control Systems
    >* Economic and Financial Systems
    >* SCI in Biology and Medicine
    >* SCI in Psychology, Cognition and Spirituality
    >* Conceptual Infrastructure of SCI
    >* Natural Resources
    >* Human Resources
    >* Globalization, Development and Emerging Economies
    >* SCI in Art
    > WOSC: World Organization on Systemics and Cybernetics (France)
    > The Center for Systems Studies (UK)
    > Systems Society of Poland
    > Society Applied Systems Research (Canada)
    > Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society
    > Simon Bolivar University (Venezuela)
    > Polish System Society (Poland)
    > Italian Society of Systemics
    > ISSS: International Society for the Systems Sciences (USA)
    > ISI: The International Systems Institute (USA)
    > IFSR: International Federation of Systems Research (Austria/USA)
    > IEEE / Latinamerica
    > Cybernetics and Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics and
    >Cybersemiotics (Denmark)
    > CUST, Engineer Science Institute of the Blaise Pascal University (France)
    > Concurrency and Architecture Group, the Telematics Engineering Department of
    > The Univesity of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Spain).
    > The Tunisian Scientific Society (Tunisia).
    >The International Institute of Informatics and Systemics.
    >Those interested in participating in:
    > the Organization of Invited Session(s)
    > the Organization of a Focus Symposium
    > the Reviewing Process
    > the Conference Promotion
    > Recommending Scholars/Researchers in order to have an active
    >participation and/or submit the papers.
    > Proposing Organizations/Institutes/Universities as Academic/Scientific
    >Please enter to the conference web site (http://www.iiis.org/sci/) and fill
    >the respective
    >form.If you have any problems linking to the conference web site, or you
    >need to send or receive additional
    >information, contact the General Chair Professor Nagib Callaos:
    >Participation of both researchers and practitioners is strongly encouraged.
    >Papers may be
    >submitted on: research in science and engineering, case studies drawn on
    >practice and consulting, and position papers based on large and rich
    >experience gained
    >through executive/managerial practices and decision-making. For this
    >reason, the
    >Program Committee is conformed according to the criteria given above.
    > 1.Papers
    > * Research
    > * Review
    > * Position
    > * Report
    > 2.Panel Presentation, Workshop and/or Round Table Proposals
    > 3.New Topics and Invited Sessions Proposals(which should include a minimum
    >of 5 papers)
    > 4.Focus Symposia(which should include a minimum of 15 papers)
    >Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent taking into account the
    >following format:
    >1. Major theme of the paper, related to the major themes given above.
    >2. Paper title.
    >3. Extended abstract of 500 to 1500 words and/or paper drafts of 2000 to
    >5000 words, in English.
    >4. Author or co-authors with names, addresses, telephone number, fax number
    >and e-mail address.
    >Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent to the conference web
    >site (http://www.iiis.org/sci/),filling the respective
    >form and uploading the respective paper or extended abstract.If the
    >conference web site is not accessible for you, you can also make
    >your submission by internet, or attach it to the folowing address
    >nacallao@telcel.net.ve and WMSCI2001@aol.com.
    >Exceptionally, three copies of extended abstracts or paper drafts
    >might be sent to the following postal mail address and/or faxed to the
    >following numbers:
    >SCI '2001
    >7525 Karlov Avenue
    >Skokie, Illinois 60076
    >Fax Numbers:
    >1-407-8566274 (Orlando, USA)
    >58-2-9621519 (Caracas, Venezuela)
    >December 15,2000 Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500 words)or paper
    > draft(2000-2500 words)
    >February 16, 2001 Acceptance notifications
    >April 13, 2001 Submission of camera/ready papers: hard copies and
    >electronic versions
    >Submitted papers will be checked. Accepted papers, which should not exceed
    >six single-
    >spaced typed pages, will be published by means of paper and electronic
    >proceedings. The
    >Papers should be sent by internet and by means of diskette and photoready
    >hard copies of artwork.
    >Best papers will be selected for awards and recommended for journal
    >Multiple author books will be published by iiis, based on the best-invited
    >sessions, the best focus
    >symposia or best mini-conferences.
    >Based on past conferences experience we suggest the following steps in
    >order to organize an invited session:
    >1) Identify a special topic in the scope of SCI 2001, and the invited
    >session title.
    >2) Fill the invited session organization form, provided in the conference
    >web page. If you don't have access to the web, contact the General Chair,
    >via e-mail, ncallaos@callaos.com ncallaos@aol.com callaos@telcel.net.ve
    >3) If the identified topic is suitable, the General Chair will accept the
    >proposal, and you will receive an acceptation by e-mail, in few days. This
    >acceptation is not a final approval of the proposed session, but a
    >Final approval will depend on identifying at least five papers for the
    >proposed session and informing, at least,
    >about their titles. With this acceptation a) the proposed session will be
    >included in the conference web page as well as its organizer and chair
    >name: and b) its organizer will be able to announce his/her invited session
    >in the context of SCI 2001, by any media that he/she thinks appropriated,
    >such as: Web page, hard copy call for papers, call for papers attached to
    >e-mails, etc.
    >4) Contact researchers and/or practitioners in your field to see if they
    >can contribute a paper to your proposed session and attend at SCI 2001.
    >5) Collect the extended abstracts or the paper drafts from each prospective
    >6) Write a summary (1-2 page) with the main objectives, which must be
    >related to the invited/selected papers.
    >7) As soon as you have 5 papers, you will complete the form in regard to
    >the invited session papers, provided in the conference web site.
    >8) Step 7 will take your invited session to the status of an approved one,
    >if the papers fulfil all the requirements (papers quality, etc). All the
    >approved invited sessions will be included in the SCI 2001 conference program.
    >Integrated by (210) prestigious scholars/researchers from 54 countries.
    >Details can be found in the conference web page (http://www.iiis.org/isas/)
    >or asked for a detailed Call For Papers, by e-mail.
    >The conference fees will be $330 before April 13, 2001 and $380 after April
    >13, 2001.This fee will include:
    >* A CD-ROM version of the Proccedings
    >* One volumen of the hard copy version of the Conference Proceeding.
    > (Other volumes will be available with a 30% of discount for participants)
    >* Coffee breaks
    >* Welcome Reception
    >Prof. Nagib Callaos (General Chair)
    >E -mails: ncallaos@ usb.ve(Academic)
    > ncallaos@ aol.com(Personal)
    > ncallaos@ Callaos.com(Business)
    > callaos@ telcel.net.ve
    >USA Phone: +1
    >USA Fax: +1 (407) 856-6274
    >Venezuela Tel/Fax (office): +58 (2) 962-1519
    >Venezuela Fax (office): +58 (2) 272-2832
    >Conference Secretariat
    >Other contacts and More details can be found at the
    >Conference web page (http://www.iiis.org/isas/). Answers to
    >specific questions can also be requested by e-mail.


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