Re: [pcp-discuss:] Fwd: "Intelligent Design" lobby Congress against Darwinism

From: Don Mikulecky (mikuleck@HSC.VCU.EDU)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 15:55:09 BST

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    May I nitpick a bit here? In the USA there are lots of protestant
    "fundamentalist" sects that claim to follow a "literal" interpretation of some
    form of scripture (Often the King James version odly enough). There are enough
    of these to make describing their beliefs as somehow a "literal" reading of
    anything a bit of a buying into their own propaganda. There is a well
    circulated joke about the thermodynamics student who has to answer a test
    question about whether hell is exothermic or endothermic. He starts by
    concluding that everyone will go to hell since ALL these "literal" readings
    state very emphatically that unless you do what my sect reads, you will go to
    For what it is worth, from an ex-preacher.
    Don Mikulecky

    Luis Rocha wrote:

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    > > An example of how on-going misunderstanding of evolutionary theory
    > > can find its ways to the highest political levels. Frightening, when
    > > I think about it. Although Europeans sometimes can be more
    > > antiscientific in their reactions than Americans (e.g. against
    > > genetic manipulation), at least in this respect we don't have the
    > > problem. Even the pope has accepted the theory of evolution...
    > Just a reminder that the Pope does not represent an European institution.
    > There are many many catholics in the Americas and the World. So, regarding
    > evolution, Catholics like many other groups accept Darwin. In America,
    > Creationism (even when masked under the Intelligent Design model), is
    > typically backed by Protestant groups who follow literal readings (as
    > opposed to interpretations) of the Bible. There are probably several
    > Protestant European groups who also follow the Creationist belief.
    > Cheers,
    > Luis
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