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From: Cliff Joslyn (joslyn@lanl.gov)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 18:41:59 BST

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    >From: "M. Soukharev" <msuharev@krc.karelia.ru>
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    >I want to join the PCP-discuss mailing list.
    >Answer to You questions:
    >Email address: msuharev@krc.karelia.ru
    >Name: Mikhael V. Soukharev
    >URL of home page (if any): suharev.narod.ru ; suharev.i.am
    >Postal address: 185005 Rigachina 26 - 23, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.
    >Phone: 7(8142) 558986
    >How did you hear about PCP? Link in Inernet (site about REFAL)
    >Please take at least one page to describe your work
    >and how it might relate to PCP:
    >I work in the Institute of Economics (Karelian Research Center RAS). My
    >initial education is phisics, but henceforth I very long time held
    >investigations in the fild of theory of systems and philosophy of evolution.
    >This work lead me to philpsophy, which I call "Dynamic Idealism". In brief
    >this is implementation of Darwin theory to Hegel objective Idealism. That
    >is, Ideas must to overtake matter or to disappear. Matter never disappear
    >but Ideas can to make the copyes of itself and thus to overtake the more and
    >more matter.
    >Then I apply this ideology to problems of social and economic evolution, and
    >invent "Infonomics" - the science that need to investigate information
    >content of economic.
    >Now I work in the Institute of Economics, tryng to implement evolutionary
    >ideas for process of social transition and for evolution of enterprises.
    >I have few articles concerning evolution of systems and Ideas but just in
    >Best regards - M. Soukharev
    >e-mail: msuharev@krc.karelia.ru
    >ICQ 15350675

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