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Towards Implementing Free Will - Bruce Edmonds

9 Putting it all together

Collecting all these elements together we have the following parts:

  1. A framework for the expression of strategies which is (at least partially) normatively specified by the society of the entity.

  2. An internal open-ended evolutionary process for the development of strategies under the twin selective pressures of favouring those that further the goals of the entity and against those that result in actions predictable by its peers.

  3. That the operators of the evolutionary process are co-evolved along with the population of strategies so that indeterminism in the choice of the entity is amplified in succeeding choices.

  4. That models of the consequences of action be learned in parallel so that the consequences of candidate strategies can be evaluated for their anticipated effect with respect to the agent's goals.

Each of these elements have been implemented in separate systems, all that it requires is that these be put together. No doubt doing this will reveal further issues to be resolved and problems to be solved, however doing so will represent, I suggest, real progress towards the goal of implementing free-will.

Towards Implementing Free Will - Bruce Edmonds - 16 MAR 0
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