Data for Capturing Social Embeddedness

Warning: these are long and quite detailed transcripts. I put them up here for completeness and openness - be prepared to spend quite some time (and probably correspondence with me) if you want to analyse them!

Textual Transcripts

Raw Unix Compressed Gzipped Zipped
Run 1 (ca) run1-ca.txt run1-ca.txt.Z run1-ca.txt.gz
Run 2 (ca+l) run2-ca+l.txt run2-ca+l.txt.Z run2-ca+l.txt.gz
Run 3 (ca+i) run3-ca+i.txt run3-ca+i.txt.Z run3-ca+i.txt.gz
Run 4 (ca+li) run4-ca+li.txt run4-ca+li.txt.Z run4-ca+li.txt.gz
Run 5 (fr) run5-fr.txt run5-fr.txt.Z run5-fr.txt.gz
Run 6 (fr+l) run6-fr+l.txt run6-fr+l.txt.Z run6-fr+l.txt.gz
Run 7 (fr+i) run7-fr+i.txt run7-fr+i.txt.Z run7-fr+i.txt.gz
Run 8 (fr+li) run8-fr+li.txt run8-fr+li.txt.Z run8-fr+li.txt.gz

Numeric Transcripts

Raw Unix Compressed Gzipped Zipped
Run 1 (ca) run1-ca.num run1-ca.num.Z run1-ca.num.gz
Run 2 (ca+l) run2-ca+l.num run2-ca+l.num.Z run2-ca+l.num.gz
Run 3 (ca+i) run3-ca+i.num run3-ca+i.num.Z run3-ca+i.num.gz
Run 4 (ca+li) run4-ca+li.num run4-ca+li.num.Z run4-ca+li.num.gz
Run 5 (fr) run5-fr.num run5-fr.num.Z run5-fr.num.gz
Run 6 (fr+l) run6-fr+l.num run6-fr+l.num.Z run6-fr+l.num.gz
Run 7 (fr+i) run7-fr+i.num run7-fr+i.num.Z run7-fr+i.num.gz
Run 8 (fr+li) run8-fr+li.num run8-fr+li.num.Z run8-fr+li.num.gz

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