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A Proposal for the Establishment of Review Boards - Bruce Edmonds

7. Conclusion

The shift in the cost structure of publishing caused by cheap computing power and the internet means that a more flexible systems of information filtering can now be implemented, allowing the readers to set selection criteria that meet their individual needs. This can be done by publishing some of the judgemental information that reviewers already produce, in a form that readers can utilise using a search engine. This delayed application of selection ensures that the system is as flexible as possible in helping the readers find the information they want.

The separation of the review process from that of paper ownership and the simplification of the review process from a closed dialogue to a simple one-shot evaluation, enables the semi-automation of the management and hence further reduces costs. This should enable a large variety of review boards to be set up, segmented not only by subject matter but also by approach and information offered to the reader.

The final balance of time saved and wasted using a system of review boards compared to the journal system will only be discovered in practice. This I intend to do in the near future. However it is indicative that the main work left is that essential to the academic process: writing, selection and reading.

A Proposal for the Establishment of Review Boards - Bruce Edmonds - 16 MAR 99
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