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On Modelling in Memetics - Bruce Edmonds


My thanks to Mark Mills, for his kind comments on a previous paper [9], which provided the impetus for this paper, to Michael Best for his reactions, to the referees whose incisive and insightful comments I really enjoyed reading, to my colleague, Scott Moss, for many discussions about the process of modelling, and, of course, to Steve Wallis for writing SDML.

SDML has been developed in VisualWorks 2.5.1, the Smalltalk-80 environment produced by ObjectShare (formerly ParcPlace-Digitalk). Free distribution of SDML for use in academic research is made possible by the sponsorship of ObjectShare (UK) Ltd. The research reported here was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the United Kingdom under contract number R000236179 and by the Faculty of Management and Business, Manchester Metropolitan University.

On Modelling in Memetics - Bruce Edmonds - 18 AUG 98
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