Updating and Future Plans

by Bruce Edmonds
25th June 1999

Browsers of this bibliography will have noticed that it has not been updated now for about 2 years. This has been partly due to the pressure of work (including my thesis on complexity, which has now been submitted), but it is also due to my plans for its future.

I plan to launch a "Review of Complexity". This will be a database of information containing information about online papers on complexity and related subjects. This database will contain information about the quality of papers as well as about their content . This information will be derived from the combined judgement of reviewers. You will be able to query the database using combinations of qualitative and content-based criteria. For example you may just want to look at the best papers about complexity in physics, or any papers that are innovative in AI regardless of their overal qulaity or presentation.

An on-line paper describing the proposal can be found at:

If you to be kept informed about this project (e.g. be notified when it is launched) or have any questions about it (once you have read the above paper, please), then please e-mail me at b.edmonds@mmu.ac.uk.

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