Re: [pcp-discuss:] Goal-directedness, control and freedom

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Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 08:53:07 GMT

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    | >Wouldn't you call such activity "goal-directed"? Although the goal here
    is purely dynamic, and most people think spontaneously about static goals
    when they hear the word "goal", I don't really see a better term. Or does
    | >anybody know of a term that describes behavior with an in-built
    preference for certain outcomes over others, but no in-built end-state?

    1. Purposeful(?) or Purposive System(?): Implying both movement and
    direction and distinction-preserving characteristics-?

    2. Intentional(?)- Implying knowledge of more than 'local' contexts-(?), or
    distinction-collapsing yet identity-preserving adaptations- a sort of
    liquid-morphology (conceptually speaking)...

    3. Autopoeitic - the process of organising to maintain identity and
    coherence? No?

    Margeret Heath

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