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From: Norman K. McPhail (norm@SOCAL.WANET.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 23:40:11 GMT

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    For some reason I don't seem to be able to get this out in a way that
    makes much sense. Note the correction to my previous correction:

    "Norman K. McPhail" wrote:
    > Don:
    > As I re-read my last post, I found the following misstatement that I
    > want to correct.
    > >
    > > Don Mikulecky wrote:
    > > > I don't
    > > > think most folks with any sense of awe for the real world are threatened by an
    > > > admission that we can only get at it one way at a time.
    > >
    > > I agree and that is precisely what I've been trying to say. But the way
    > > Rosen's case against simple models is stated infers that there are no
    > > other models available to our imperfect human minds. It is this
    > > inference that I think causes all the confusion and the potential for
    > > the defeatist attitude that it seems to encourage.
    > I just want to say that I don't fully agree with the last phrase from
    > the above sentence that we humans can only get at the truth one (simple)
    > way at a time.


    In my judgment, this is an arbitrary
    > statement with no basis in fact.
    > >From my own experience, I find that I am perfectly capable of combining
    > "or" and "and" logic thought modes and models. I can also play the
    > piano, carry on a conversation and reflect on these ideas all at the
    > same time. Anyone who has experienced walking and chewing gum while
    > etc. while contemplating the wonders of the universe will also testify
    > that we are capable of integrating the simultaneous processing of
    > multiple parallel thought modes and data streams. Empirical studies in
    > cognitive processes confirm this beyond any reasonable doubt.
    > Norm

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