[pcp-discuss:] New member: Alexander Valerievich Bonin

From: Cliff Joslyn (joslyn@lanl.gov)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 22:02:37 BST

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    >Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 20:24:54 +0400
    >From: Al Bonin <av_bonin@mail.ru>
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    >Subject: application for PCP mailing list
    >Dear Sirs,
    >I am herewith send you the information for the mailing list
    >Email address: av_bonin@mail.ru
    >Name: Alexander Valerievich Bonin
    >URL of home page (if any): none
    >Postal address: PO BOX 157, Obninsk-9, 249020 RUSSIA
    >Phone: +7 (095) 2199548
    >Affiliations: vice-president of the Younger Researchers Union of the
    >Free Economic Society; associate consultant and the member of
    >Association of International Consultants.
    >How did you hear about PCP? I have found the website via the search
    >engine several years ago; since then, I am quite actively utilising
    >information at the site.
    >Please take at least one page to describe your work
    >and how it might relate to PCP:
    >My major research is within the system and structural aspects of
    >economy. The recent work has been the social agents behaviour
    >simulation specifically for economies in transition. This work, as I
    >know, is closely related to the activities of the Centre of Policy
    >Modelling (Manchester), its scholars being active members of PCP.
    >My studies also brought me to understanding that only through
    >comprehension of the whole society cycle can specific economic and
    >social phenomena be analysed. The analysis of the society cycle brings
    >forth two very important aspects - information and control flows as
    >the nature of all social / biological activities and values as the
    >deeper cause of the morphology of social cycles. This, as I feel, is
    >quite in a line with the Project streamline.
    >The further information I am ready to provide at your request.
    > Alexander Bonin mailto:av_bonin@mail.ru

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