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From: PRof. Gary Boyd (boydg@VAX2.CONCORDIA.CA)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 17:28:34 BST

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    At 13:54 11/09/2000 -0700, you wrote:
    A whole lot of marvellous insightful, rather sobering things

    After that, your conclusion that: The blind must care for the blind."
    seems intemperate!
      Perhaps the partially sighted may be happier if we care for the
    partially sighted and the blind.
    Or as Hillel put it: If not for others, what for? - if not now when?

    All that taken, our, (and by "we" I mean cybersystemic scientist-activists,
    eg. on PCP),
    have chosen to try and look at cross disciplinary global systemic ways of
    modelling the living skin-organism
    of Earth with some expectation of identifying possible horribly mistaken
    actions & inactions, and some good
    for survival of the desire and ability to survive, ones..

    However imaginary the elephant may be to some, to us cybersystemicists
    it has to be fairly real, or there is no point in our work.

    And what seems to be fairly real to many many systems students around the
    people who have critically struggled with the current 'scientific'
    evidence and the best models of emergence and surprizing complexity which
    we have built that
    as Niklas Luhmann put it, at least all rational & caring persons should:
    1) Use fewer non-renewables
    2) pollute less,
    3) have fewer children.
    Teaching that and how to accomplish it creatively & dramatically, and
      (in the face of the crimepetiive crapitalst consumption firestorm)
    is how I imagine
    the partially-sight systems scientist can be sure to help many of the
    blind, and blighted
    Gary Boyd..

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