Re: [pcp-discuss:] Fwd: "Intelligent Design" lobby Congress against Darwinism

From: John J. Kineman (jjk@NGDC.NOAA.GOV)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 17:22:33 BST

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    In light of the information you provide about the origin of the ID discussion
    (which I apologise for being ignorant of), I must voice agreement with your
    sentiment, especially so that my other comments aren't misunderstood as
    supporting creationism, anti-evolution teaching, etc., or condoning
    politicization of science, which I fully agree is a threat to society.
    the teaching of un-disciplined thought and arbitrary points of view - like in
    most versions of religioius creationism, runs counter to other knowledge about
    what constitutes knowledge. An understanding of epistemology should be
    in the curriculum.

    Anyway, thanks for the clarification. I don't pay much attention to such
    groups, so did not recognize it as a political agenda.

    At 03:12 PM 6/8/00 +0200, you wrote:
    >Let me first note that John here reacts to a forward by me of a
    >forward of a forward by Massimo Pigliucci of an original news
    >statement about "Intelligent Design" theorists lobbying congress. It
    >was Pigliucci who used the term "sickening". I would not go so far,
    >but did use the term "frightening". Let me explain why I find this
    >I don't imply that the US congress would take such radical measures.
    >But the whole point of the lobbying exercise is clearly to make
    >congress intervene in some way, most visibly by reducing the
    >importance of Darwinian evolution in the school curricula, and by
    >adding "Intelligent Design" or something along those lines to the
    >curriculum as a valuable alternative theory.
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