[pcp-discuss:] Papers from "Starting from Society" symp. on-line & new CFP

From: Bruce Edmonds (b.edmonds@MMU.AC.UK)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 10:17:52 BST

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    Dear colleagues,

    Well its nice to have the PCP discussion list back again.

    The papers from the AISB'200 symposium "Starting from Society: the
    applications of social analogies to computational systems" are now
    available on line at:


    The papers are:

    * Rosario Conte - Intelligent Social Learning

    * Kerstin Dautenhahn - Reverse Engineering of Societies - A Biological

    * Jim Doran - The Archeology of Artificial Societies

    * Bruce Edmonds - The Inconstructability of Artificial Intelligence by
    Design - the necessary social development of an agent that can pass the
    Turing Test

    * Guido Fioretti - Recognition of investment opportunities and
    generation of investment cycles

    * Sven Heitsch, Daniela Hinck & Marcel Martens - A New Look into Garbage
    Cans - Petri Nets and Organisational Choice

    * Leslie Henrickson - Having a Sense of Ourselves: Technology and
    Personal Identity

    * Lindsay Marshall & Savas Parastatidis - Modelling Agents using the
    Hotel Analogy: Sanitised for your Protection?

    * Christopher Nehaniv - The Making of Meaning in Societies: Semiotic &
    Information-Theoretic Background to the Evolution of Communication

    * Bob Price & Craig Boutilier - Imitation and Reinformcement Learning
    with Heterogeneous Actions
    * Michael Schillo, Steve Allen, Klaus Fischer & Christof Klein -
    Socially Competent Business Agents with Attitude - Using Habitus-Field
    Theory to Design Agents with Social Competence

    * Alexander Staller & Paolo Petta - Introducing Emotions into the
    Computational Study of Social Norms

    * Ian Wright - The Society of Mind Requires an Economy of Mind


    Also there is to be an open CFP for a special issue of the Journal of
    Artificial Societies and Social Simulation on the same topic. Deadline
    September 1st 2000. See:


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